Sunset Crash

Sunset Crash

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20in X 24in 

.5 inch deep 

stretched canvas 

This painting has been a favorite of all my friends and family. A complete phenomenon, how popular it’s been. What a humbling experience. 

“It’s so inviting, especially when it’s so warm outside. You just want to jump in.” 

“I love the pink reflection coming through the water. Beautiful!! “ 

“It’s glowy and kind of looks like something magical is happening beneath the surface.” 

“It’s so captivating and calming” 

“it takes you away.” 

This painting is medium sized and would look great in an office, bedroom or bathroom. I hope that this painting will bring and sense of calm and magic into your home and make you feel like you’re on vacation even after a long day at work. 

  Shipping costs are calculated separately based on distance. Estimate is $35  if you live near me, hand delivery might be an easier option.